Her Knowing

Her Knowing

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Imagine finding out from a stranger that your entire identity is a lie. That you’re engaged, even though you don’t have a boyfriend. And that the person you are engaged to, is also the heir to the throne of a kingdom that you belonged to in another life. That’s what happens to Sarah in Her Knowing: Book One of the Luxora Trilogy.

One minute she’s a new university student figuring out her new relationship with one of the hottest graduate students on campus. Chris, a wealthy fraternity brother with piercing blue eyes who is as sexy as he is smart. The next minute she’s the keeper of one of the four realms of Luxora. The capitol of the Etherworlds where shape shifting pegasi  glide effortlessly through the clouds, and sassy centaurs roam lush, fruit filled forests.

With the help of her best friend Marie, and a strange woman named Kera, who has a penchant for making grand entrances on the backs of winged horses; she starts to fulfill the mission she was born to do. Finding the heredis, heir to the Etherworlds kingdom, and bringing him back to where he belongs.
But with her priorities and loyalties being pulled in every direction, she finds that living a dream life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Will she fulfill her destiny, and save the man and kingdom she never knew she loved? Or will the pressures of balancing two worlds at once be too much for her to handle?

What Readers Are Saying . . .

A Great Fantasy read! This is a moderately paced novel about a young woman trying to find her destiny in life and love. The characters are really well conceived especially the main character. Sarah is not your typical heroine which makes her easier to relate with. She does not suddenly become over powering and perfect at the last second. This character stays true to herself while overcoming these obstacles in her journey. I just really wish the book were a bit longer because I felt like it needed a little more story before it ended when it did. Also, I just really want to know what happens next. I recommend you pick it up for yourself and give this inspiring new author a try, you won’t regret it!

– By August2cool on Amazon


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