Just released: Locked In Ignis

So I was originally going to release this next month, but thought why wait? So without further ado, I’d like to announce that Locked In Ignis: A Luxora Novella, is now available for purchase on Amazon, Kobo, and Scribd.


Locked In Ignis is the story of a man who fought against years of ingrained societal prejudice and underhanded politics of the Imperial elite, to save the woman that he loved. This tale is just one of the many stories and events from the Luxora Trilogy, that led up to the near destruction of a kingdom, and the rebirth of four future guardians.


The Carnal Vices Series: Premiering September 3

So I have a new series of  novelettes (read: 10,000+ word stories) that I’m coming out with. I touched on them briefly before in one of my past posts here. The series is going to be called Carnal Vices, as I’m sure you figured out from the title of this post. It will follow the relationship between Paris, an ex-call girl hard up for money, and Damien, a rich incubus who finds himself unable to shake the beautiful Paris while he tries to regain his lost immortality.

The first episode will be exclusively available on Amazon on September 3, 2014.

Lust. Love. Magick.

Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content that is suitable for ages 18+

In the first episode of the Carnal Vices Series, Paris, an ex-call girl looking for a way to pay off her college loans, meets a madam willing to help her out if she’ll work under her as a high-class escort. To her surprise, her first job involves more than sex when she is ordered to kill the mesmerizing, sex-obsessed incubus, Damien. However, when their paths cross, a spark of something more than lust is ignited between them. And that something will change both of their lives forever.


Switching Gears

So I know I haven’t been on here in a few weeks, but that’s because I’ve been busy with a side project. It’s a bi-weekly series of romantic (and erotic) short stories that will follow the love story of Paris, a former escort who finds herself strapped for cash; and Damien, a lust driven incubus who just can’t seem to get enough of her.

I’m hoping to release the first story in September, so watch out for that. In the meantime I’m polishing up Locked in Ignis (A Luxora Novella) so that it will be ready for ya’ll by the end of fall. By fall I mean November, so look out for that as well.

The Paperback debut

So remember how I stated that there was a bit of a delay with Her Knowing’s paperback coming out? Well the wait is over finally.  I present to you the paperback of Her Knowing with a new cover and a preview of my next novella called Locked In Ignis included in the back. It’s currently available in the createspace e-store for $12.99 USD


Why the delay for Her Knowing’s paperback

I know I had promised that Her Knowing would be released earlier this month, and would like to acknowledge why there has been a delay. It isn’t because I gave up on the paperback, or anything like that. However, I do have a bit of a surprise up my sleeve with it. So I hope everyone who has been waiting for it can bear with me for a little longer. Trust me, it will be worth it.


In other news, the first Luxora novella is now in the editing stage, so yay! (Cue sarcasm for me hating editing and real happiness that I can release it in the next few months.) So that is something else to look forward to. And as usual if there are any more book updates, I’ll be sure to post them here for everyone to see.


Tomorrow is the big day!

Tomorrow at 12am (EST), Her Knowing will be officially released. You can still get it on Smashwords for $0.99 until the end of today using the code VJ86M. In the meantime, here is another excerpt from chapter nine of the book.

“So what are we doing?” I blurted out suddenly.

“What do you mean,” Chris asked coolly.

“I mean, what are we?”

“What do you mean?”

“Are we friends?”

“Yes,” he answered impassively.

“Or are we more than friends? Or is that even an option?”

Chris took a long sip of his drink and sighed heavily. “You ask allot of questions Sarah.”

“I just want to know where I stand” I stated firmly.

“Where do you think you stand?”

“I don’t know and that’s why we’re having this discussion.”

Chris nodded slowly. “Well, I think we are what we are. I like you, you like me, and we enjoy being around each other. Why do we have to complicate that with labels and such?”

“Because labels make everything more clear.”

“Do they?” Chris asked as he took another sip of his drink and stared out the window.

“Yes, they do. I mean we hang out all the time, we both like each other, and we have even had sex at this point. So what gives?”

“Are you mad because I haven’t asked you out on a date?”

Hesitating, I tried to think of a good answer. If I said yes, I could be seen as being desperate and needy. But if I said no, then the situation would stay as is. “I don’t know,” I answered finally.

“Well, if you don’t know, then how am I supposed to know what to do to make you happy with our situation?”

I glared across the table and took another sip from my drink. Within a few minutes our waiter came back with our food. Eating mostly in silence, Chris stole glances of the people walking on the street below while I mulled over the conversation that had just ensued. When lunch was done, Chris paid for our meal and offered to walk me back to my room.

“I’ll be fine,” I said coldly as I hugged him goodbye.

“Are you sure?” he asked as he let me go.

“Yes, I’m sure.”

“You’re mad, aren’t you?”

“What would give you that impression?”

“You won’t let me walk you back to your room. And you always let me walk you back to your room.”

This was true, but I wasn’t going to give in still. “Well, I think today I will be fine.”

“No you won’t be. You’re going to go back to your room and watch a sappy, girly movie. Then, you will scarf down a bag of gummy worms while crying, ‘Why can’t Chris be like this!’ ”

“No, I’m not”, I said as I turned to walk away.

It was sad that he knew me so well. The taste of gummy worms was already on the tip of my tongue as I got back to my room and thought of popping in a sappy love story for the afternoon. In the end though, I decided not to give Chris the satisfaction of being right. Instead, I decided to work more on my upcoming novel.

“Chapter one,” I said as my fingers started to fly on the keyboard.

Note: No part of the aforementioned excerpt may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the author’s prior consent. 

Excerpt from Chapter One of Her Knowing

Opening my eyes, I found myself sitting by the ocean on a white, sandy beach. The kind of beach I’d only seen on TV and read about in glossy travel magazines. No one else was around, aside from the palm trees that swayed in the soft breeze. The wet, salty air pricked at my nose, while the soft sand slipped between my toes. The dream felt more real than anything else I’d ever experienced before. Even more real than the bed I’d just fallen asleep in.

All I needed was a cold, fruity drink and I could have stayed here forever. Feeling the hot rays of the sun on my bare skin, I didn’t want to wake up. Especially not for coffee with a bunch of random girls I didn’t know.

With my bum planted firmly in the sand, I listened to the ocean surf rush toward the beach. I had always loved the sound of the ocean, ever since I was small. Being close to it had always put me at peace. Lying there with my forearms propped up underneath me, I closed my eyes and breathed in some more.

A few minutes passed, when I began to notice the waves becoming louder. Opening my eyes a little bit, I saw them being washed out to sea, only to come back harder and further onto the shore. They rippled and folded onto one another while the warm sun disappeared behind an army of clouds. Suddenly my dream began to feel way too real as the blue sky gave way to dark grey clouds. A storm was coming and I was ready to wake up.

Running to the edge of the beach, I began to splash myself in the face with water. The waves beat against my legs while I started to panic. Thunder cracked against the sky as a howling wind swept over the beach. Panicking, I started to think back to what I’d read on the internet before; about how it was possible for people to die in their sleep from dying in a dream.

I really hoped it was nothing more than an online rumor, since I wanted to wake up to live at least one day as a full blown co-ed. Screaming at myself to wake up, I frantically continued to throw water at my face. Realizing it wasn’t going to work, I looked up at the sky in despair. Hovering in the distance, I saw a tiny white light. Moving toward me rapidly, it grew bigger as my despair turned to fear.

Almost without thinking, I opted to make a run for it. The palm trees behind me weren’t much shelter, but they were better than being out in the open. Climbing the shallow hill that led to them, my hopes were dashed. Looking through the line of trees, I realized the thin island was nothing more than about half a mile long at the most. Beyond the tiny beach on the other side, there was nothing but water. I was stuck here.

Turning around, I felt the warmth of the light heading directly toward me. Bracing myself for impact, I sat down on the hill, shut my eyes, and crossed my arms around my legs. The waves had reached a maddening roar as they pounded the beach a few feet in front of me. Then suddenly, everything stopped. The thunderous waves calmed as the soothing sound of low tides hitting the shore returned.

“Loreali.” I heard a woman’s voice utter soothingly. When I didn’t respond, she repeated her call. “Loreali.”

Realizing I was no longer alone, I wondered if my imagination had made up some new people to join me here on this island. Slowly, I peeked through my arms and looked out onto the ocean. Perched a few feet above the ocean was a winged white unicorn. Upon its back sat a young woman who looked to be in her early twenties. She was wearing a strapless, long, white gown with a ruffled skirt. A white sash hugged her waist, meeting at a large, neat bow behind her back. Long, loose ringlets of fine white hair fell midway down her back, swaying gently in the ocean air. Her magnificent unicorn neighed loudly, shaking its beautiful mane, while the woman smiled down upon me.

“Loreali,” she said again as she reached out her hand to me.

“Are you looking for someone” I asked as I took my arms down and stretched out my legs. Looking at me curiously, she commanded her winged beast to land on the beach. With a loud crack like lightning, its hooves beat the sand as it kneeled before me. Dismounting the beautiful creature, the woman walked over to me.

Barefoot, she seemed to float above the sand with each step she took. A faint white aura engulfed her body, emanating a radiance that was neither overpowering nor subtle. Still beaming with delight, she stood face to face with me as the sun returned to the sky.

“I am looking for someone,” she said. “And after many years of searching it seems I have finally found her.” Her white eyes, that were full of hope, dazzled underneath the sunlight like white quartz. “Nice to meet you once more sister,” she said calmly.

Sister? The word paralyzed me. I had a sister, but she definitely was not her. “I think you’re confused,” I said. “And this really is a weird dream.”

Laughing the woman stretched out her arms to hug me, a. As her arms wrapped themselves around me, I felt an intense surge of love hit my body. It seared itself into my soul and I felt my heart open up more than it had ever done before.

“You’re just as funny as ever dear sister,” she said. “But now isn’t the time for games. We must go right away as everyone awaits us.” Letting me go, she turned to remount her horned companion.

“Wait!” I yelled. “Where am I supposed to go and who is Loreali? My name is Sarah and I think you have me confused with someone else. I’m just a college student who wants to wake up from this dream. I have to go meet my friends for coffee tonight.”

The unicorn rose from the ground and stood up onto its feet once again. “You don’t remember do you?” the woman asked.

“Remember what? This is a dream! There is nothing for me to remember! I just want to wake up right now!”

Slowly, the woman rode toward me. Bending its head toward me, her horse snorted angrily at me as it came face to face with me. Staring into its glassy brown eyes, it seemed more human than animal like. Like there was something it wanted to tell me, but it either would not or could not for reasons unknown.

“I can’t believe this,” the woman finally grumbled as she commanded the horse to turn around. Backing off, its large wings brushed against me, knocking me to the ground. Neighing loudly, its wings beat the air with a thunderous roar. The light from before, exploded around them both as they took off into the sky. Leaving me there alone to ponder what had just happened.

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Q&A with Sarah Jempser

So after some thinking, I decided that the best way to introduce the world to the Luxora trilogy was to introduce the world to Sarah Jemsper, the main character of the books. Meeting up with her in Cupajoe, her favorite coffee shop, she squeezed me into her busy schedule to talk to me about Her Knowing.

Hi Sarah, how are you doing today?

Great! Sun’s out, class isn’t in session, and I haven’t had to fight anyone today. Today couldn’t be better.

Fight anyone? Does that happen often?

Hmm . . . Depends on what you define as often.

Does it happen everyday?

[laughs] Not everyday, just most days. By the way what time is it?

Five thirty.

Good, I still have time to get pretty before I meet up with Chris tonight. Anyway, you’re here to learn more about Her Knowing, right?

Yes, that is why we’re here. What makes this story so special and unique to you?

[laughs] Aside from it being my personal story, I think it is a story most people can relate to. I mean yeah it has some unbelievable elements to it like flying horses and dragons. But deep down everyone goes through that transformation I went through a year ago. That moment where you find yourself lost before figuring out your unique pathway in life. My story might be a little more extreme than the average one, but the core elements are the same.

True. Now you mentioned this happened a year ago. How old are you now Sarah?

Nineteen. I know I’m just a youngin’ as my grandma would say. But I’ve been through a lot already. When people read the book, they’ll see it.

What is the hardest thing you encountered in your life last year?

Outside of leaving my parents’ home, I would say it was meeting Kera and dealing with everything that came with that. She helped me a lot, and I doubt I would be where I am now without her. But it was still hard, just dealing with that huge transition from being an ordinary college student to becoming the heroine of the Etherworlds overnight.

Did anyone else help you in your transition?

Yes, Chris and Marie did. I don’t know what I would do without them either.

You’ve mentioned Chris twice in this interview already. Is he a special man in your life?

Depends on how you define special.

Are you two dating?

[laughs] I don’t think I can answer that question. But good try.

Yes, well all one can do is try. Speaking of trying, is there anything new you had to do in the past year that you had never done before?

I had to fight some pretty interesting people a few times. The sad thing is, I suck at fighting. Being a future guardian you would think I was the best thing since sliced bread at it, but no. I’m a horrible fighter. However, I think I’m getting better at it. At least Kera says I am.

I’m sure you are getting better, it has been a year.

Yeah, I would have to hope I’ve gotten better by now. I’ve had lots of practice. [laughs]

Is there anything else you would like to add about your story before we wrap things up?

I would just like to say that I would be greatly honored if people read my story. I think it has something for everyone with a love story, political intrigue, fantastical creatures, and the general growing pangs people face as they grow in life. So yeah, I just want people to be able to read my story and go, ‘Yeah, I can relate to that.’

Awesome, well thanks for talking to me today Sarah.

No problem. Now I gotta go catch a lunch date with someone before I’m due back in Luxora again.


Her Knowing will be released June 1, 2015 on Amazon.



Dreamscapes, university, and love all wrapped up into one delicious story

As promised in my last post, I will be sharing some info on my upcoming book, Her Knowing, up until it’s release on June 1, 2015. So today’s post will give you an idea on what the book is about.

First off though, I will tell you what it isn’t. Her Knowing is not a book for young children. It contains elements of sexuality ranging from the subtle to the explicit. It also contains romance, but is not a romance novel.  Part of it takes place in a mythical world, but it is not an epic fantasy. In fact, I’m not even sure if it fits into one genre that well. It took me five years to write it, so it is a stubborn book after all.

So with all that out of the way, you must be wondering what exactly is this book about. Well, it is a story about growth, the many faces of love, and finding one’s own way. It begins with Sarah Jempser, an eighteen year old dreamer and aspiring writer, going off to university for the first time with her best friend. It follows her as she faces the trials of transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood. Along the way she meets Chris, a mysterious and wealthy graduate student, who quickly takes a very passionate interest in her. Of course all of this happens alongside her finding out that she is a keeper. One of the four future guardians of the elemental realms in a place called Luxora, the center of the Etherworlds.

While Sarah’s story has some supernatural elements to it, the core story is one most people can relate to. The transition in life from one phase to another, in which we are just trying to figure it all out. With that said, what transition in life did you find the hardest to endure? Let me know by filling out the poll and writing in the comments section below.

And with that . . . We have a date!

After five or so years of going back and forth between writing, hitting writer’s block, and life,  Her Knowing now has an official release date.


JUNE 1, 2014!


Mark it on your wall calendars, type it into your smartphone, and check back here for cool behind the scenes methods to my writing madness, excerpts from chapters, and my big cover reveal. All of this will be coming up in the coming weeks, along with links to where Her Knowing can be purchased once it becomes available for public consumption.