A word on the supposed Maleficent controversy

According to Hayley Krischer of Femamom, we should all be talking about the supposed rape scene presented in the newest Disney flick called Maleficent. I haven’t seen the movie yet myself, but apparently the supposed metaphorical rape scene involves the main character, Maleficent, waking up in the dirt with her body aching after finding that her wings have been cut off by a man she knew and loved. Hayley then goes on to tell us of how  “rape has so permeated our culture that it ended up in a Disney movie.”

Here is my problem, and the one she later briefly mentions before continuing on her tirade that any scene involving a woman being at her most vulnerable point has to be rape. If anyone has ever read the original tale of Sleeping Beauty, it is indeed a story of rape and betrayal. In the original tale, Sleeping Beauty is actually awakened by the children she bore after being raped multiple times by her prince charming.

So in reality, what does that say about our culture? That we airbrush the origins of a fairytale just to make it palatable to today’s youth. Which is another problem since fairytales were written for adults with adult themes such as rape, arranged marriage, and imprisonment.

The other thing is, almost every fairytale’s hero(ine) is in some shape or form the bad guy. The boogey man that you would want to watch out for as a child, lest they make you dance in fiery red, hot shoes til you fall down dead (Snow White). Or demand that you let them share your bed at night, even though they are a stranger (The Frog Prince).

Real fairytales show that everything is not always as it seems. That sometimes the people you trust are the ones who will screw you over the most. Or that prince charming may not be so charming in the least bit. Disney, not so much. Which is another reason why I am happy that as a child my mother gifted me The Yellow Book of Fairytales. It really was an eye opener after growing up watching Disney’s The Little Mermaid as a child.

However, I would like to know what everyone else thinks. Do you think Maleficent went too far with its nod to its darker roots? Let me know below.


It Wasn’t All Bad – Sweet Times Among the Sad

This is a really good post I found from a blog I follow called A Walk on the Wild Side. The blog is about a mother’s journey as she battles with the challenges caused by having a son whose life is controlled by substance abuse. The article is about appreciating the glow of hope and normalcy, even when it is shrouded in darkness. Please give it a read.

A Walk on the Wild Side

IMG_3983 Sometimes when we write blogs like this one, where we feel like we’re battling demons, flailing against the dark, we forget those shafts of light that make everything, if just for a moment, golden.

When we’re focused on trying to save someone’s life, and there’s so much tension and trauma going on, we forget to write about the good times. The times that make the fighting worth our while.

We forget to savor what we’re trying to save.

So when I go back and look at my last several posts and see the storm clouds gathering, the dark skies thundering, and cold rain pouring down, I must remember those dark days were pierced with light. Sweet moments of sunshine, golden spots of time. Warm laughter and tender embraces.

I owe it to my son and to myself, and to those of you who have been following our story, to write…

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Red Eyes and Reality

A great post on how daily life can influence your writing for the better.


This is my first writer’s blog! I want it to chronicle my thoughts, experiences, and everything else as I write my first book and publish it! I love writing anything new adult, sci- fi and fantasy with characters that I can fully convey not just their emotions, actions and their thoughts but, even other important aspects like their sexuality because I feel like a lot of writers just stray away from those kinds of subject matter.  It’s time for more strong  female oriented characters that can stand on their own!

Now the title of this blog entry is called “Red Eyes and Reality’ for one simple fact. I believe my writing, as well as true for some other writers, are impacted by their dreams and their own personal experiences. Some people say write what you know and others say write what you don’t. I think you should do both. And…

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