Just released: Locked In Ignis

So I was originally going to release this next month, but thought why wait? So without further ado, I’d like to announce that Locked In Ignis: A Luxora Novella, is now available for purchase on Amazon, Kobo, and Scribd.


Locked In Ignis is the story of a man who fought against years of ingrained societal prejudice and underhanded politics of the Imperial elite, to save the woman that he loved. This tale is just one of the many stories and events from the Luxora Trilogy, that led up to the near destruction of a kingdom, and the rebirth of four future guardians.


The Book Boyfriend Effect

So after a good character development session today, the thought came to me about book boyfriends. You know the Mr. Darcys and Christian Greys of the world. Before I go any further with this post, I would like to give a shout out to my own first book boyfriend. Mr. Mamrou Chiba (aka Prince Endymion) of Sailor Moon.

"Oh Darien ..." (In my Sailor Moon voice)

“Oh Darien …” (In my Sailor Moon voice)

He was the reason I started to daydream about love, decided that marriage might not be a bad idea when I grew up, and found myself having a thing for intelligent, dark haired men who like to wear shades and suits whenever they think they can pull it off. He was my first book boyfriend. And to this day, I still find myself swooning whenever I pick up any of the Sailor Moon mangas and come across him in a scene.

Now back to my main topic. What I really want to talk about is the impact these men/boys have on women. Some may say it’s just an unrealistic crush on a man who doesn’t exist, but I believe their impact reaches deeper than that. I think these men do something to women on a subconscious level that changes the way we pick future mates. They change what we consider to be non-negotiable in relationships, alter our view of what a healthy relationship is, and even give us hope when we have a bad break up.

Which is why I think we, as romance authors, should put more thought into what we make our heroes to be. We should pose the question of, ‘Would I want to date this guy or have my mother/sister/daughter/best-friend date him?’ If the answer is no, then maybe we should re-think having him as our hero. Because he just may become someone’s first book boyfriend, and the pinnacle of the perfect man in someone else’s eyes.



The Carnal Vices Series: Premiering September 3

So I have a new series of  novelettes (read: 10,000+ word stories) that I’m coming out with. I touched on them briefly before in one of my past posts here. The series is going to be called Carnal Vices, as I’m sure you figured out from the title of this post. It will follow the relationship between Paris, an ex-call girl hard up for money, and Damien, a rich incubus who finds himself unable to shake the beautiful Paris while he tries to regain his lost immortality.

The first episode will be exclusively available on Amazon on September 3, 2014.

Lust. Love. Magick.

Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content that is suitable for ages 18+

In the first episode of the Carnal Vices Series, Paris, an ex-call girl looking for a way to pay off her college loans, meets a madam willing to help her out if she’ll work under her as a high-class escort. To her surprise, her first job involves more than sex when she is ordered to kill the mesmerizing, sex-obsessed incubus, Damien. However, when their paths cross, a spark of something more than lust is ignited between them. And that something will change both of their lives forever.


Book Review: Into the Darkness by K.F. Breene


So I just finished off Into The Darkness by K.F Breene. A novella that features a heroine who doesn’t fit in, her annoyingly bland boyfriend, and a hot night dweller who goes on to be her tatted up knight in a leather vest.

Overall I found the book to be a decent read although the fight scenes could be somewhat confusing at times. There just seemed much going on at once with the narrator jumping from one thing to the next, with hardly any time for a smooth transition.

I did however like the various points of view that the author used.  It was nice getting into the hero and heroine’s heads and seeing things from their differing points of view.  And their chemistry was amazing! So much so that I kept hoping the heroine’s boyfriend would either die or she would leave him with every chapter.

I will say that if you aren’t a fan of dubcon, that this book might make you feel uncomfortable.  Especially in the beginning when we get some hints of male on male action that isn’t exactly welcomed by some of the participants.

Overall though, I would give this novella 3 stars and will give the second book a chance. It definitely had some promise, even if parts of it verge on the point of being completely absurd (yes, I’m looking at you cartoon monsters.)

And the first book is free. So why not give it a chance?

50 Shades of Meh


After listening to Beyoncé’s haunting rendition of Crazy in Love while watching that movie preview, I finally took the plunge. I read 50 Shades of Grey.

Now according to some of my friends, I am greatly behind the times for someone who has a tendency to weave erotic elements into their writing. One of them even billed the book as being the greatest piece of erotic fiction of our times. Of course that still didn’t convince me that I was missing anything, and I would’ve happily went on with my life without knowing the secret lust for a certain emotionally wounded and unavailable billionaire.

However, the movie trailer got me (damn that elevator kiss!) and so I began to think of reading the book in preparation for the movie debut. After all, there had to be something so compelling about it that it became the best selling, world phenomenon that it is today. And so over the course of a few days (because I am admittedly a slow reader) I followed the journey of Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey under the quiet illumination of my bedside lamp.


Note: BOOK SPOILERS COMING UP! Read on at your own risk.

After reading the book, I came away with mixed feelings. Anger, boredom, and anticipation to be exact. I found Christian Grey to be an intoxicating character with enough mystery and grace to make me want him. Seriously, when I was a quarter way through the book, I was at work daydreaming about what he would do or say next. On the other hand, his sudden use of the term “laters babe”, broke the spell and left me feeling deflated as he went from being a mature young adult in my mind, to a horny adolescent boy.

I also found Anastasia’s internal posse that consisted of her inner goddess and intution incarnate, to be annoying. I didn’t seriously need to read about how her inner goddess took the lotus position everytime Christian caved to her neediness, which in turn made her feel valued as a woman. But it was there every few pages. I also could’ve done away with the excessive sex scenes. I mean I get that the book is an erotic romance, but some of the sex scenes were just unnecessary.

Her loosing her virginity, necessary. Them having sex in the bathroom twice in one scene, unecessary. It got so bad that near the end I just skipped over anything that mentioned the words down there, my sex, and orgasm. I just wanted to read their story and see how things ended, which brings me to my final point.

I hated the ending. They broke up, and yes if you read this review without reading the book and are now throwing your pillow against the wall incessantly while you scream ‘why!?!?’ Much like I did, then you’re welcome. I still remember flipping those last few pages over in hopes that they would at least find a compromise between her unwillingness to submit to him fully, and his inability to get close to her. And what was the resolution?

They broke up. I’m still angry about it now and don’t even want to go on to read the rest of the series. Although I’ve read over the interwebs about their reconciliation in the next two books. It made me that mad.

All in all though, I can say that I see why the book was so big. It was taboo and dangled the promise of racy sex with a hot billionaire who was the ultimate gentleman in front of millions of women. How can that not sell? Do I think it was good though? Well I think the title of my post answers that.

Switching Gears

So I know I haven’t been on here in a few weeks, but that’s because I’ve been busy with a side project. It’s a bi-weekly series of romantic (and erotic) short stories that will follow the love story of Paris, a former escort who finds herself strapped for cash; and Damien, a lust driven incubus who just can’t seem to get enough of her.

I’m hoping to release the first story in September, so watch out for that. In the meantime I’m polishing up Locked in Ignis (A Luxora Novella) so that it will be ready for ya’ll by the end of fall. By fall I mean November, so look out for that as well.

Setting the mood

I love music. The sounds of the beat of drums playing in the background, the lyrics to a song, and the way they all tie together to invoke a special feeling into the listener’s heart. It is for that reason that I love listening to music when I’m brainstorming ideas for stories I am thinking of writing. Music helps me to craft scenery, character profiles, and story arcs.

So today I would like to share some of my favorite songs for writing and tell you why I love them and what they help me with.

Slow Love Slow by Nightwish

My fiancé got me into this band originally and I absolutely love this song. The sultry mix of guitar infused jazz and Annette’s voice just makes my skin shiver in a deliciously naughty way. So of course it is my go to song for writing love scenes and scenes that involve a ton of tension between two characters.

Other Side by Jason Derulo

This song speaks for itself with the lyrics. That feeling of having knots in your stomach as you decide to take a chance on someone else with whom you already have some history. Going from friends to lovers on a limb where things could go either really good or really bad. As you can guess I listen to this song quite a bit.

Not the Sun by Brand New

One word, desperation. That feeling of longing of wanting something so badly but not being able to attain it. To the point that you become plain desperate and will do/give anything to have the person you desire even if their feelings aren’t genuine. This song, along with Keep Your Memory Vague by Finger Eleven, played on my radio for a month straight after I had my first real heartbreak. So listening to it brings back some very vivid and angry memories, but really gets me into the mindset I need to be in to tap into the hearts and minds of my characters.


This is just a short list of the songs I listen to, if you want to see more of my inspiration music just visit my Grooveshark page here to stream my inspirational music playlists.



The Paperback debut

So remember how I stated that there was a bit of a delay with Her Knowing’s paperback coming out? Well the wait is over finally.  I present to you the paperback of Her Knowing with a new cover and a preview of my next novella called Locked In Ignis included in the back. It’s currently available in the createspace e-store for $12.99 USD


Why I love writing WITHOUT an outline

Last night I found myself writing a pivotal scene in one of my stories. It was a scene that came to me on my drive home from work where one character showed so much vulnerability that even I was moved after re-reading it. I mean tears didn’t literally fall, but my heart did literally ache for them. Now you may be wondering what this has to do with writing without having an outline in mind.

It has a lot to do with it actually, since this scene was not a part of my original vision for this story. Originally the character mentioned above did not exist and had no place in my story’s arc. And even when they were conceived their part was to be minor. Nevertheless, somehow in time it became a major building block for not only the overall story, but for the main character as well. Changing the entire course of the book itself.

Which is why I love writing without a rigid outline. Yes, let me clarify that. I love writing without a RIGID outline. I mean some direction with a general plot is good and I always use those. But I find that having a set structure for my stories to be limiting. I hate laying things out such as saying this happens in this chapter and this happens in the next chapter, because it doesn’t allow the movement in storytelling that I love. The ability  to change things up as go along because the plot calls for it or a character’s personality calls for it. I love that freedom and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

It’s why none of my stories are ever finished in their entirety even when I start my edits. I just write scenes and sew them together in the editing process. Sometimes adding entire chapters to merge two plot points together in order to bring my vision to life on the pages of my screen.

However I know some people do love writing with outlines because they like having that great sense of direction. So I would like to know how all my writer friends and followers feel about this. When you write, do you prefer to use a rigid outline, no outline, or a general outline and why?

I know I had promised that Her Knowing would be released earlier this month, and would like to acknowledge why there has been a delay. It isn’t because I gave up on the paperback, or anything like that. However, I do have a bit of a surprise up my sleeve with it. So I hope everyone who has been waiting for it can bear with me for a little longer. Trust me, it will be worth it.


In other news, the first Luxora novella is now in the editing stage, so yay! (Cue sarcasm for me hating editing and real happiness that I can release it in the next few months.) So that is something else to look forward to. And as usual if there are any more book updates, I’ll be sure to post them here for everyone to see.


Why the delay for Her Knowing’s paperback