The Carnal Vices Series: Premiering September 3

So I have a new series of  novelettes (read: 10,000+ word stories) that I’m coming out with. I touched on them briefly before in one of my past posts here. The series is going to be called Carnal Vices, as I’m sure you figured out from the title of this post. It will follow the relationship between Paris, an ex-call girl hard up for money, and Damien, a rich incubus who finds himself unable to shake the beautiful Paris while he tries to regain his lost immortality.

The first episode will be exclusively available on Amazon on September 3, 2014.

Lust. Love. Magick.

Warning: Contains adult language and sexual content that is suitable for ages 18+

In the first episode of the Carnal Vices Series, Paris, an ex-call girl looking for a way to pay off her college loans, meets a madam willing to help her out if she’ll work under her as a high-class escort. To her surprise, her first job involves more than sex when she is ordered to kill the mesmerizing, sex-obsessed incubus, Damien. However, when their paths cross, a spark of something more than lust is ignited between them. And that something will change both of their lives forever.



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