Setting the mood

I love music. The sounds of the beat of drums playing in the background, the lyrics to a song, and the way they all tie together to invoke a special feeling into the listener’s heart. It is for that reason that I love listening to music when I’m brainstorming ideas for stories I am thinking of writing. Music helps me to craft scenery, character profiles, and story arcs.

So today I would like to share some of my favorite songs for writing and tell you why I love them and what they help me with.

Slow Love Slow by Nightwish

My fiancé got me into this band originally and I absolutely love this song. The sultry mix of guitar infused jazz and Annette’s voice just makes my skin shiver in a deliciously naughty way. So of course it is my go to song for writing love scenes and scenes that involve a ton of tension between two characters.

Other Side by Jason Derulo

This song speaks for itself with the lyrics. That feeling of having knots in your stomach as you decide to take a chance on someone else with whom you already have some history. Going from friends to lovers on a limb where things could go either really good or really bad. As you can guess I listen to this song quite a bit.

Not the Sun by Brand New

One word, desperation. That feeling of longing of wanting something so badly but not being able to attain it. To the point that you become plain desperate and will do/give anything to have the person you desire even if their feelings aren’t genuine. This song, along with Keep Your Memory Vague by Finger Eleven, played on my radio for a month straight after I had my first real heartbreak. So listening to it brings back some very vivid and angry memories, but really gets me into the mindset I need to be in to tap into the hearts and minds of my characters.


This is just a short list of the songs I listen to, if you want to see more of my inspiration music just visit my Grooveshark page here to stream my inspirational music playlists.




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