It Wasn’t All Bad – Sweet Times Among the Sad

This is a really good post I found from a blog I follow called A Walk on the Wild Side. The blog is about a mother’s journey as she battles with the challenges caused by having a son whose life is controlled by substance abuse. The article is about appreciating the glow of hope and normalcy, even when it is shrouded in darkness. Please give it a read.

A Walk on the Wild Side

IMG_3983 Sometimes when we write blogs like this one, where we feel like we’re battling demons, flailing against the dark, we forget those shafts of light that make everything, if just for a moment, golden.

When we’re focused on trying to save someone’s life, and there’s so much tension and trauma going on, we forget to write about the good times. The times that make the fighting worth our while.

We forget to savor what we’re trying to save.

So when I go back and look at my last several posts and see the storm clouds gathering, the dark skies thundering, and cold rain pouring down, I must remember those dark days were pierced with light. Sweet moments of sunshine, golden spots of time. Warm laughter and tender embraces.

I owe it to my son and to myself, and to those of you who have been following our story, to write…

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2 thoughts on “It Wasn’t All Bad – Sweet Times Among the Sad

    • Thanks for posting such an uplifting post. I know it is about your relationship with your son, but I thought it could be applicable to any situation in life where you are going through a rough spot and forget to acknowledge the moments of light and happiness. Especially since they are what can help push us through to the other side when we are feeling the greatest sense of hopelessness.

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