Concept of the Twin

And when one of them meets with his other half  . . . these are the people who pass their whole lives together; yet they could not explain what they desire of one another. For the intense yearning which each of them has towards the other does not appear to be the desire of lover’s intercourse, but of something else which the soul of either evidently desires and cannot tell, and of which she has only a dark and doubtful presentiment

From Plato’s The Symposium

Tales of great love abound in the world, yet there is one type that I am especially fond of. The concept of what is commonly referred to as twin flames or twin souls. Plato is the earliest source for such a concept as mentioned in the quote above. A love between two people that is ultimately free of any restrictions that the modern concept of love places onto most relationships.  Restrictions such as jealousy, fear of losing someone, and leaving once you don’t feel the spark anymore. Not that all modern tales of love have these pitfalls, but a good majority do at some stage.

Another difference is that twin flames doesn’t the love between twin flames isn’t always a romantic love, although it can be. It is an intense bond that surpasses time and brings with it a feeling of knowing. The main idea behind it is that when the human race was made, we were both masculine and feminine in one form. But those two parts were split apart and therefore mankind was left with the burden of always striving to find their other half.

When one meets their twin flame it is said that you experience a great feeling of coming home. Even if they are involved romantically with someone else, it doesn’t matter. As long as you have your twin in your life, you feel whole again. This does not necessarily mean you feel you need them to be happy, although it can lead to feelings of hopelessness when they leave your life. But it is more like knowing that you found someone who you can connect with on a level most people will never experience. Everything just falls into sync between the two people involved, and you feel like they are literally a mirror of your entire soul. From your greatest fears to your greatest accomplishments, they are the reflection of your true self.

As with almost all good things, a love like this does have its own drawbacks. There is the potential that one, if not both, parties will be very scared of the feeling that comes with such a unique experience. Leading to feelings of rejection, confusion, and overall anxiety about being drawn to a complete stranger and not being able to stop such feelings. There This causes one to run away, leading to a sometimes never ending cycle of feelings of emotional pain and loss. It’s a complex love and one that I greatly enjoy writing and reading about. Possibly because I felt it once before myself.

What are your thoughts though? Do you believe twin flames exist, and if so, have you ever experienced such a connection yourself?


3 thoughts on “Concept of the Twin

  1. I love how the idea of twin souls or twin flames stem from a work of Plato’s. In Plato’s “Symposium” Aristophanes puts forth the story of humans originally having one head with two faces, four arms, four legs and two sets of male and female genitalia. Men were children of the sun, women were children of the earth and Androgynous were children of the moon. Zeus split them in half as punishment for humanity’s overwhelming pride thus the beginnings of that theory.
    I, myself, believe there is such thing as twin souls or twin flames and that there is no limit such as gender or sexuality between two human souls. I used to think the idea was pure crap and that some people found someone that completed while others didn’t. But, the idea that someone was made as your other half specifically for you sounded insane until I met that one.
    Back in High School I met what was to be my other half and I thought God was playing a practical joke at my expense. He was nothing like the man I wanted or even needed.I was so attracted to him in high school it was scary because I was a girl with wrought iron fences around her heart with snipers and attack dogs with lasers. I had been in so much pain I refused to let someone in that close.
    So I used to pray to God to send me someone who would love me for me,make me better, and complete. Which is exactly what he did unbeknownst to me. That boy turned into a strong, smart, weird, gentle and loving man. Every single flaw I had he filled in, and every need I needed met he could provide. I never knew love could reach such a level in real life except in books or fairytales. I met my twin flame and no matter how hard I tried we were pulled together. I will never regret any second of this love pain, joys and everything in between,

    • Thank you for the reply august2cool You say that he filled in every flaw you had and provided for every need you had at the time. Are you sure he wasn’t one of your soulmates? I’m not saying he wasn’t/isn’t your twin flame, but there is a subtle difference between the two, although both require a strong bond between the parties involved. I will touch more on that in a later post as well.

  2. A really interesting post, and I enjoyed reading the other comment here and her story too. For me, I used to want a soul mate, and thought he was out there somewhere, but I never found him. Then man I married who in a way was my opposite and seemed to have all the qualities I was missing, turned out not to be him, and I used to feel so sad, wondering if I should leave him to find ‘the right fit”. Then I realized that what I was yearning for was wholeness, not a soul mate. I realized I could embody the qualities I was looking for in another. And once I realized that, and started doing that, I never yearned for a soul mate again.

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