Red Eyes and Reality

A great post on how daily life can influence your writing for the better.


This is my first writer’s blog! I want it to chronicle my thoughts, experiences, and everything else as I write my first book and publish it! I love writing anything new adult, sci- fi and fantasy with characters that I can fully convey not just their emotions, actions and their thoughts but, even other important aspects like their sexuality because I feel like a lot of writers just stray away from those kinds of subject matter.  It’s time for more strong  female oriented characters that can stand on their own!

Now the title of this blog entry is called “Red Eyes and Reality’ for one simple fact. I believe my writing, as well as true for some other writers, are impacted by their dreams and their own personal experiences. Some people say write what you know and others say write what you don’t. I think you should do both. And…

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