Sailor Moon! The wait is (hopefully) almost over

So there are a few things in life that I am absolutely head over heels in love with. My fiancé, southern comfort food, the Cheesecake Factory, and Sailor Moon of course.

Image via Fanpop

Image via Fanpop

I’ve loved this anime since I was a young girl, and still catch myself watching it in my spare time. So when the mangas were rereleased earlier last year by Kodansha Comics, I had to get them. But when I heard about the rerelease of the anime series, I was over the moon happy. According to sources such as The Anime News Network

The new anime will begin streaming worldwide on the Niconico service in July.

Although the rerelease will only be in English subtitles, my hope is that a dubbed (aka English version) of the series will be released later on. Then fans like me might actually get a proper Sailor Moon adaptation of the mangas that doesn’t rework the relationship of two senshis as cousins. And yes Uranus and Neptune, I’m looking at you! Or turn the starlight sailors into female drag queens, or would that be kings? Hmm? Well I guess time will tell, but I am over the moon happy right now.


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